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Petri Dish - fun & active game

To start playing choose the gamemode and then server from the list. First time here? Choose the FFA gamemode and one of the top servers, like Solar or Galaxy and start playing!

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New agario mode!!!
New agario mode!!!

New agar io mode!!!

New agario mode!!!

New agar io mode!!!

New agar io mode!!!

New agar io mode!!!

New agar io mode!!!

New agar io mode!!!

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PetriDish News & Events

2016/10/27. Did you know that finally you can choose any color for your player? Left from the "nick" field you can see the circle - click there and choose from any of 126 colors. Picking white color will disable this feature for you and you will play with random color just like before! Enjoy your time!
2016/05/16. Hey everyone! We've got brand-new gamemode for you! Mix of snakes and Petri Dish! It's called SnakerDish! Use Q to speed up! Use space to split and jump over your enemies! Stay away from green viruses or they will explode you and you'll become an easy target! Eat all your enemies! And conquer the top spot!
2016/05/10. Minor improvements at the player and clan global statistics pages. Now at your page you can see your current position at each server's Top-100 list. Very handy for tracking where to get more rating points ;)
2016/05/02. Wanna get personal and unique globalstat page? It's possible now! At the donate website you can upload any picture for your clan/nick stat page. And it's only for 10 pts! Pretty awesome, I think)) Click here -
2016/04/28. Love setting the highscores at PetriDish servers? Wanna get 15 seconds of fame for doing it? Now you can! Set a new server record and couple minutes later the whole Petri Game Network will be notified about it via special chat announcement! Lucky you!
2016/04/22. Our Global Statistics keeps getting better and better! Now Global Player Rating and Global Clan Rating are available to you for exploring! Finally, we all can see who is the best of the best! ))
2016/04/18. Hi there! We got new graphics and animations in the game! Enjoy it! Also we have reduced graphical lags for everyone! (If you do not like new food animations, you can easily disable it at the Performance Settings)
2016/04/14. Another great update @ the Petri Dish game! Now you can view the entire game statistics of all players, clans, servers and gamemodes! This is truly amazing! Here is the magic link - Also there is a link to your personal stats at the donate website, just open the nick/clan password page. Enjoy!
2016/03/22. Long time no updates? That's ok because now we are ready to present you whole new gamemode - EatForSpeed - and to be honest, this is actually 2 modes in 1 - Race + Arcade! And as you could have guessed - these are racing gamemodes! You start together at the left side of the narrow map and your task is to be the 1st at the right side!

The Race mode - is plain and simple racing game - avoid the food cells, stay at the lowest mass possible and don't hit the deadly flying tires. Also you cannot split but use space to shoot some mass (aka NITRO) behind you to gain speed. Or shoot the enemies with W to slow 'em!

As for the Arcade mode - this one features lots of boosters:
1) open sewers cover - drop there and get teleported to another random sewer behind you
2) UFO spaceship - it steals your mass
3) Nitro-booster to gain some boost))
4) closed sewer cover, which slows you down

and finally

5) Mr.Bum - he loves eating the cells

As for the flying tires, they won't kill you but just push you away

Highscore are based on the best time to complete the race

Have fun and good luck!
2016/03/06. Awesome update for our beloved game called PetriDish XD! Now you can play with stickers! What's that? During the game you can press the 1 to 9 buttons on the keyboard and ontop of your skin everybody will see the sticker/emoticon/smiley! Great way to communicate and have fun during the game! At our donate website, we have opened the Sticker Shop - - where you can purchase the sticker sets. Once you have bought the set, it can be used for free with any of your passworded skin! We have got a lot of great sticker sets on sale now with prices starting at 10 pts. Stay tuned for more great news from PetriDish team!
2016/03/02. Hey guys! Only today you can play for free with Pac-man and Blinky animated skin! Skin: Pac-Man, password - etri, skin Blinky, password - waka
Today we want to draw your attention to such problem as AdBlock.
Ads, as well as donations, help us to develop the game that we all share.
If you add us to whitelist of your AdBlock we will become closer to Petri Dish with:
-No lags
-New game modes
-New interesting features like: Statistics, Something better than Levels, Achievments, etc.
-New user-friendly design
-Mobile app
If anything of this list has made you interested, please, turn off AdBlock for site (how to do this?)
2016/02/26. Awesome news, players! From now on you can make your skins rotatable! Just purchase the "Rotating skin" option at the PetriDish Donate Website! By the way, we also made rotation visible by default in the game! But now only rotating skins with that options purchased are actually going to rotate))) The price is 400 pts. for one single skin. But you know that we love you - that's why we got free rotating skin for you - БУБЛИК. It is also a transparent one!
2016/02/25. Major changes at the Arenas and FatboyArenas. Now half of the servers there work without skins (ideal for solo) and half - with skins! But not only this! We have added some mods for arenas - now you can play ArenaMegaSplit and ArenaCrazySplits! Stay tuned - we got more exciting things on the way!
2016/02/24. Аll clanhouse owners are now able to ban players at their own servers! And not only that ;)
Today is Defender of the Fatherland Day and you can use the following discount code F603BD4DDCAA45C9 at
2016/02/19. Attention ClanHouse owners! You can choose the physics mode for your clanhouse at the clanhouse settings page!
2016/02/19. This is the new feature you've been waiting for so long. After two weeks of tweaking and testing we finally releasing new physics of splitting and virus popping! Some of you call this physics "smooth" - and now you can check it out for yourself. This new physics has been enabled at all CRAZYSPLIT gamemode servers, yes, you are right - all of them - FFA/EXP/MEGASPLIT/HARDCORE/HardCoreEXP - you just can't imagine all the possibilities now! Also you can watch this awesome video - new splits and new physics showcase! Top-level fun!
2016/02/17. Great news! Skins with transparency will be available for order in near future! Watch for updates!
Astrologers proclaim the week of love: rotating skins are free for 1 more week!
2016/02/14. Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll! Just remember - love is a virus!
2016/02/13. For the whole weekend you can try out the rotating skins for free - just open the settings and uncheck the "Disable cell rotation" option! Watch out for your head now!))
2016/02/13. Rotating skins are on the way! Soon to be publicly available! Only at PetriDish! (Of course, this feature is compatible with animated and semi-transparent skins)
2016/02/13. New frontpage for the players: news, events, tip and tricks, help, etc.
2016/02/11. We have completely redone the skin system. Now - 90% less lag for you!
2016/02/10. Thera are 1000 followers on twitter! Follow us at
Tips and tricks:
If you have graphical lags, open the settings and enable "Simple render" + other options as you like

About Petri Dish

Petri Dish is a browser-based online game. The main idea of this game is simplicity. No download and registration required. You just click and play. Instant immersion into the gameplay.

In the game you are born as the small living cell on the map and your objective is try to get to the top of the list by gaining mass and competing with hundreds of players.Eat the mass, eat other players, be the strongest and the biggest. This is not just a top-1, this is real domination!

Why Petri Dish is better than agar?

Is it worth to move from agar to Petri Dish? Let's talk about the game and its features.

Chat, communication. You are no longer playing the with silent dots on your screen like in agar, these are the real players. You can make parties, clans, gatherings.

Clans - the best way to prove that you and your friends are best. Conquer the whole server and leave the name of your clan forever in the server's statistics! The eternal glory is waiting for you!

You never get bored. Come on in, play. At any time. You can go and discover a gathering of a clan, a popular streamer (are you not one of them?) or an admin's tournament.

Real customization. Say NO to the boring agar skins. Put any picture you want. Also available: animated skins, transparent skins, dynamic skins, emoticons! And don't forget about passwords for your nickname. No fakes under your name.

No cheats, hacks, unfair skins, bots. The administration is keenly watching the gameplay. All dishonest players will be banned! agar without cheating, only in Petri Dish!

Petri Dish servers are located across Russia and Europe, much closer than the agar ones. You can choose where you prefer to play. Minimal ping and lag, including the graphics, because the game is constantly improved and optimized!

Can a Petri Dish be called new agar? Play for yourself and find out!

How to play in Petri dish

Choose the game mode (FFA, HardCore, MegaSplit and etc.), select a map (more people - more difficult, less people - easier), press play.

You need to get a lot more mass than the others. Then you get to the top. This is the essence of agar game.

If you're tired of simple modes of agar then choose one of our exclusive game modes. Each mode has its own more complex rules. You can read the description on the right when you select a mode. When you'll select a map you get to know what the difference is. For example, higher limits or more food.

Game controls

W - eject mass, feed
Space - split
Esc - Menu
F11 - full screen
←↑→↓ /mouse click - navigate the map (spectator mode)
E - turn the compass on/off
F - pause/unpause your cell
P - open settings
A,S,D,Z - special splits (only at CrazySplit mode)
Chat settings
Graphics & Performance

Graphics settings


Customize the game colors

Settings Русский English French French
Master Login

You can register here
Mines bring balance to the game. They make the big playere move, hitting a mine makes the cell split into a few parts. You can shoot a mine by feeding it with W.
You start with a small cell of 10 mass. Eating other cells will make your cell bigger. To grow faster, you need to eat other players. The essence of this game is to collect the maximum mass, and break other's highscores. Eat, or get eaten.


Space - Split into 2 parts.

W - Shoot mass.

Some gamemodes offer extra buttons for controls!
To use the GPS, enter the coordinates (x,y) and follow the arrow.
Current server info
please respect other players and keep your chat polite or you might get banned
newbie here? Try to reach the #1 position, can you? ;-)

This help


Server top

Make screenshot

Clean the dead cells

changing nickname, server, gamemode or game settings